Wednesday, October 27, 2010

AP: Space 1889 - Date Night - Pt. 2 Alexander's Mark

By Neville Duck
Spoiler Alert! - Alexander's Mark is the first Savage Tale in the Space 1889: Red Sands. If you plan to play it, don't read this. Just enjoy part 1 for now until you do get a chance to play.

The Cast

Nicolette LeBrun. (Main Player Character) - Junior Society member, budding archaeologist, linguist, and tutor to the social elite.

Sir Chester, Lord of Windon, patron of the London Museum of Antiquities, and member of the Explorer's Society noticed Nicolette during his son's tutoring session. Her mastery of language and history was apparent.

Lord Windon decided to test Nicolette's knowledge of antiquities whereupon he discovered, much to his dismay, his 300 pound sterling vase was a forgery. It seems modern Greek syntax wasn't used during the early stoic period despite the clever pun written upon his prize vase. Lord Windon insisted the Society induct Nicolette with the task of reviewing the Society's ever-growing collections from India, Syria, of course, Greece.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

AP: Space Nazis - Battle for the Throne Room

Greetings Rocketeers!

This episode takes place as the battle for the hanger bay rages on.

Galaxia entered her throne room aboard the Dominance. Her many minions stood guard around Fulton's companions: Captain Oft, Ballcutter the Amazonian warrior, Gerrowl the lion man, Peeps the bird girl, and MicD Robot.

Galaxia sneered at the companions. "Now that Fulton is my love slave I have no use for this rabble. Have the robot dissected for spare parts. Do with the others what you will. Come Lord Galaga. We have business on the bridge."

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

AP: Space Nazis - How I Learned to Hate Galaxia but Love the Bomb

Greetings Rocketeers!

In our last episode of Adventures in Z-Space, the heroes boarded the Dominance after Queen Galaxia threatened to destroy the city of Hempstead, Texas. The PCs jettisoned the ancient Stargate along with the non-combatant members of the Achilles crew. The plan was for Fulton to stall the Queen while Dash, Anthem, Xander, K'hyven, Parkay, and Fidget found a way to disable or destroy the Dominance, preferably with the same atomic weapons Galaxia planned to use on Hempstead.

Fulton, along with the NPCs Captain Reginald Oft, Ballcutter the Amazonian warrior, Gerrowl the Lionman, and Peeps the Birdgirl were brought before Galaxia. The enraged tyrant demanded to know what they did with her Stargate. Fulton was his usual womanizing self. He fully expect the Queen to succumb to his considerable charms. One kiss from Galaxia, however, made Fulton the Queen's love slave. He told her everything about where they dumped the Stargate and what his friends were doing to her ship.

Fulton Trapped with Hitler and the Chronobot Master Cog

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Space 1889 - Date Night, Newbie GM and First Time Adventurer Pt 1 of 2

Duck is a long time friend of mine. He, I and three others form the core of a 30 year old gaming group called the UEDSS. Duck's been working on the blog behind the scenes helping proofread, suggesting content, and developing a podcast titled Stop, Duck, and Troll. (first episode out soon). Duck is an excellent figure painter and builds scale models as well as any professional I've seen.

His wife recently volunteered to play a RPG for the first time. You can read his first official blog entry titled 'Date Night'

RP Troll