Maptool/Savage Worlds Modules

This page contains various Maptool modules I created for Savage Worlds. 

If you enjoy the modules, please consider purchasing one of my novellas.
The New Moon Murders - 1930 Detective/Horror Story
World of Grey - SciFi adventure

Ogre Bandit Lair

This adventure is a complete ripoff of the Hegresh adventure found in the old Judges Guild - Book of Ruins. Its the fantasy scenario I run for any new fantasy campaign regardless of system.

This adventure works with Maptools v 1.3. It has a splash page to let your players experiment with the framework before you dive into the adventure. You can read an AP here.

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Tomb of Terror
This module is from the Savage Worlds Wizards and Warriors supplement. You can read the AP here.

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Pulp Sci Fi
The Undead Nazi Horror from Outer Spaaaaace!

I have a special fondness for this scenario. It takes place in my Space Nazis setting.  If you want to see how it played for one of my groups you can read the AP here.

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Here's a quicky I threw together for another one shot. It features some pregens from various backgrounds trying to get out of a building and to the mall across the street.  There is a bus on the other side of the mall. If they can make it to that they stand a chance of making it out of the city.

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