Space 1889 Links Page

Here are a few links I've collected for Space 1889. Please leave a comment if you have more to share.

7/29/2012 Update

The German Space 1889 role players are using Google Earth to create interactive atlases of Mars, Venus, and Mercury. You can find the project page at

Space:1889 has a few Facebook pages you might want to 'Like'. The role player's page can be found at . I'm one of the administrators now so please join our little group to add more Savages to the mix.

The Space:1889 & Beyond book pages can be found at.

Here's the YouTube video of the Planeten Project.

4/17/2011 Update

A blog from the King of Steam himself: Frank Chadwick's News and Reflections on the World of Space: 1889

Steam Punk Figure Flats (zip file) from Bhoritz (mounting instructions)

Pinnacle Rippers Module with Victorian figure flats Harvest Home (pdf)

A great steam punk miniatures page: Victorian SciFi Showcase.
RAFM Miniatures & Games: An online store selling the original Space: 1889 miniatures.

Arion Games Steam Punk Paper Minis ($3.00) Zulu Wars Redcoats ($3.00)

Precis Intermedia Historical Paper Minis ($3.95-$6.95)

2/20/2011 Update

Space 1889: Red Sands Review

Actual Play: The Burning Desert Date Night

Space 1889 Character Sheet

Space 1889 Pregenerated Characters (Pinnacle)

Space 1889 Pregenerated Characters (TfTST)

Original Links

Space 1889 Miniatures

Cloudships of Mars
Space 1889

Adventures on the Red Planet

Space:1889 Project

Here are some 1:600 and 1:120 airships: Mayhem in Paper

Paper Miniatures from Scarecrow 

Peginc post with NPCs from original book