Savage Worlds Tips and Tricks

Below are links to the Pinnacle forums that contain FAQs and general advice. I'll update it as new posts appear. Please leave a comment if you have a favorite post you'd like to include. Special thanks to Greg_K for putting the list together.

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This stickied thread that I started on PEG's forum which collects helpful advice, design insight, and new options from Clint Black. Here are some things that might be of interest to get you started.

What every new GM Should Know

Why a +2 Modifier is a big deal

When to include Knowledge skills in your game

The purpose of Professional Edges

New Maneuver: Push/Trip

Reloading Weapons 

Charging Attack How to handle by applying existing rules

Tackling a grappling variant. Good for showing how to tweak existing rules for new maneuvers

Throwing a Grappled character another variant for showing how to tweak existing maneuvers

Illusion advice from Clint

Adjusting Incapacitation by setting Dials for adjusting Incapacitation to make it more or less deadly. I'd play by the printed rules first to get an idea of how they work for you, but here is an option if you want to make changes.

Here is Clint Black's advice at the PEG forum for having the player's make the combat rolls (Clint is the Brand Manager for SW)

Clint posted a new monster ability: Big Bad to help give more staying power

Success = Takes 1 Wound............Becomes Shaken
1 Raise = Takes 1 Wound............Takes 1 Wound + Shaken
2 Raises = Takes 2 Wounds...........Takes 2 Wounds + Shaken

Here an interesting link about Savage Worlds probabilities by die type

And here's one with a pie chart that include optional wild die and righteous rage die.