Monday, February 25, 2013

Review Airship

Fantasy Maps - Airship

Product: Fantasy Maps - Airship
Publisher: D20 Cartographer
People: Joshua Bennett
Price: $2.99

Yet another map from D20 Cartographer that is absolutely beautiful. The map comes in five sections including the main deck, lower decks, and two rooms in the stern representing the captain's quarters and an officer's area.

The write-ups for the maps were nice as well. Too often map packs contain only maps. D20 Cartographer does an excellent job of providing some written flare to guide that GM in the direction of adventure.

For VTT users, the package comes with 48 jpgs representing the decks and various items found on the ship, from ballistas to the captain's bed. The reusable objects can stay in your graphics library for future use on other maps. The artwork is fantastic but D20 Cartographer added a little something extra for MapTool, a campaign file complete with teleport pads which take you from deck to deck.

Note that although this is a fantasy map, it would make a great Martian Sky Galleon for Space 1889, either the classic version or the Savage Worlds version, Red Sands.

Overall a superlative effort and well worth the price of $2.99.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Free RPG Art from Devin Night

Our friend Devin Night recently posted that he's had a busy month. The great thing about Devin being busy is that he shares the spoils of his creativity with samples of his artwork. We encourage you to visit February Work on his blog. It comes with 18 illustrations and 16 new tokens for personal use in your favorite Virtual Table Top (VTT) or other online game.

Also note that Devin will do custom tokens for hire. We've used him several times for our online Savage Worlds games and story illustrations. He's quick, professional, and understands the needs of VTTs and authors. Devin also provides free artwork to open source products like MapTool giving those projects a much needed boost.

So drop by, snag some stuff, and support Devin in his endeavors. He's one of the good guys.

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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Pulp Magazine Cover Fun

I found a great site the other day thanks to Shane Hensley. Pulp-O-Mizer has an amazing resource for generating your own pulp magazine covers. You simply plug in your headings and titles, select some art work and Viola! You've got pulpy goodness.

The site also offers serial fiction with loads of other content. I'm impressed most with the artwork, however. The main site, Thrilling Tales of the Downright Unusual, contains all sorts of resources for the pulp lover in all of use but most its a site that contains the stories of Bradley W. Schenck. The web site contains all his stories for free but you can also purchase non-electronic versions, if you like.

There are now two different kinds of stories on the site. The first are interactive, branching stories. The second kind are non-interactive, serial stories. The two have a lot in common regarding plot line and art.

The interactive stories have about three or four paragraphs of text followed by a set of actions. Your choice of paths dictates where the story goes next. Over all its lots of fun and a great time waster. You'll also be treated to some outstanding artwork.

The really great discovery was to find that almost all the artwork is draggable into TokenTool for use in MapTool. You can take any of the character portraits

This is a great pulp resource regardless of whether you're looking for some pulpy adventures, seeking artwork for your Savage Worlds game, or looking for tokens. I can't recommend it highly enough.  

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Pimping Savage Worlds

This month's RPG Blog Carnival theme is 'Pimp a Game' and there seems little doubt as to the subject of our entry. Savage Worlds remains our go-to system of choice for its flexibility and playability across every genre we've tried. Its combination of fast combat resolution, flexible powers system, and easy character management make it perfect for the time-crunched gamer.

When I was young and single I had time to dive into endless tomes and supplements finding that just right combination of abilities and skills for my character concept. Too often, however, I was playing someone else's character concept that I had to shoe-horn an idea into. Still, that was fine. I had time and friends.