Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Savage Worlds/Maptool Oneshot Game 4/19

Occasionally I run Savage Worlds/Maptools Games to show off both products.  You can read my gaming history, how I found Savage Worlds, and why I use Maptool in other posts on my blog. In a nutshell, my discovery of Savage Worlds and Maptool allowed me to game again. To repay that debt, I run One Shots for other folks who, like myself, have limited time but a great desire to maintain the hobby of their youth.

On May 19th I ran such a game with members of the Pinnacle and Maptool forums. The Players were Quixol, DarthRayder, DocHogan, BeatnikTom, Neofax, Azhrei, MarCazm, MonsterManual, and Arlaton. I created a pack of pregens for the game but two of the players decided to create their own PCs.

Since everyone except MarCazm was new to either Maptool or Savage Worlds, I started the game with a quick demo of Maptool  and the framework I created for Savage Worlds. Here's the initial map. It contains a lone orc with a small dungeon to give the players a feel for how light, sight, and walls worked within Maptool. In addition, I had everyone bring up the framework's character sheet to demonstrate how to use powers, gear, and traits during the game. The lone orc never stood a chance.

Screen showing PCs, an orc, and lighting

Next I switched maps to an abandoned chapel the characters were to investigate. A group of bandits lead by an ogre had been raiding the area and the characters were hired to remove the threat. As the group approached, they found a small, stone building whose only entrance was a pair of heavy wooden doors. All the windows and other entrances were stoned over.

screen showing the outside of the abandoned temple

That's the DM view complete with room markings.  What the players see is very different. However, they do get a room description if they click on the scroll.

player view of previous image

The characters entered the first room finding a pile of bones, a set of double doors to the west and a single doorway to the south. They entered the southern room encountering two orcs. The battle in that room alerted the kobolds in room three so the kobolds were set and ready for the adventurers. A pitched battle ensued as the kobold wizard and shaman cast spells against the heroes fighting on the line against the kobold spearmen and bowmen.

Lord Dubleduk attempted a short cut his way through the double doors into the chapel but was hit in the chest with a spikey log dropping from the ceiling. He survived however and with a tally ho! Took on the ogre.

Dungeon overview image

The heroes were victorious.  The remaining kobolds fled through small tunnels under the alter on the western wall.
All in all, we had a blast. The maptool guys helped the Savages and vice versa making my job a lot easier. And best of all we had a few Savage converts.

I try to run about one of these games every two to three months so if anyone is interested in learning maptool (or savage worlds for that matter) let me know.

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