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Savage Setting - The Nazi Horror from Outer Space

I love creating universes. It's the aspect of Game Mastering I enjoy the most. I'm almost never satisfied with an out-of-the-box setting. I feel compeled to add my own twist to it.

What follows is my re-imagineering the Slipstream setting from Pinnacle Entertainment Group. It can and should be used directly with the Sliptream Players Guide.


In the mid 1930s, while the people or Earth struggled through the Great Depression, an unknown German scientist invented the atomic engine. This device allowed for the first manned flights to space. Fearful of what the Nazis would do with such power, the scientist fled to England with his engine design but not before the first unmanned Nazi Rocketship launch.  Other nations quickly developed rockets of their own and soon the nations of Earth traveled to the far reaches of the solar system finding inhabited yet savage planets throughout.

Earth's governments undertook a massive colonization project sending hundreds of thousands to humans to every habitable planet and moon in the solar system. They created huge asteroid bases in order to provide raw materials for Earth's rocket fleets.

The Solar War broke out between the Axis of Germany, Italy, and Japan and the rest of the world. The battle was fought on Earth and in space as atomic bombs fell on most of Earth's major cities. A truce was signed in 1945 which ended hostilities on Earth but not the war in space. The Axis held Venus and Mars while the Allies counted Saturn, Mercury, and the moons of Jupiter as friends.  Luckily for the other planets, the use of nuclear weapons was confined to Earth.

No one is really sure what happened next. Some say Germany's gravity control experiments got out of hand. Others say Hitler found some occult device and unleashed a horror upon the world. Whatever the case, an impenetrable darkness centered on Antarctica slowly engulfed the world. Anything touching the darkness died if pulled away. It is said the Hitler himself became consumed in the darkness.

The rocket fleets of Earth began a massive evacuation. Hundreds of thousands escaped to Luna, Mars, Venus, and Mercury. Thousands watched from space as the darkness consumed Earth and everything most humans had ever known. Then, unexpectedly , a burst of light exploded from the darkness. The Earth was gone, replaced by a black hole of the same gravitational strength. It was as if the entire planet contracted into a tiny pin point of gravity.

Soon after Earth vanished a great uprising occurred. Both human and non-human rose up against the Nazis destroying most of their ships and bases. The Allies retook Nazi occupied territories and cities raising the flag of The Grand Solar Alliance. The remaining Nazis fled to the asteroid field to lick their wounds and attack another day.

The year is 1985.  Most of you are too young to remember Earth but there are plenty of humans around who do. Old national rivalries have faded but the Nazis remain a potent, if greatly diminished force. Communism remains and the Marxist are everywhere. You're part of the Solar Alliance Rocket Force, seeking to protect humans and others from the deprivations of those who seek to enslave and dominate the solar system.

Now, the planets of Sol need you more than ever.

Recently the Nazis came back with a vengeance.  Using advanced technology they succeeded in raids against Mercurans, Venusians, and Martian settlements.  Sometimes their goal seems the acquiring of rare books and ancient artifacts.  At other times it seems they are simply interested in acquiring slaves.  Their end goal is still a mystery to the S.A.R.F.

The Solar System



Just as the Moon shows only one face to Earth, one side of Mercury constantly faces the Sun.  The Sunward side is a burning desert under perpetual daylight while the other is in an eternal winter night. Between frost and fire is a realm of dusk and dawn that is over one hundred miles wide. A many-channeled river named Durnath Dun runs the circumference of Mercury in this habitable zone. The temperate climate is home to the Mercurian Dwarfs, a stunted race who possess lowlight vision and a penchant for engineering and mining. Slightly outside this region, toward the Sun, lives the Rock Men, a silicon based life form. Even further into the desert live the Aridians who are immune to radiation and heat. In the ever winter night away from the Sun live the cold loving Frostican Giants who battle the Mercurian Dwarfs for dominance of the planet.

The Nazis never succeeded in invading Mercury. The Mercurian races easily hid in the mines, caves and craters of the pot-marked world emerging to strike deadly blows against the Earthly invaders.  The Allied powers were able to turn the ingenuous dwarfs into master engineers and the mineral and industrial capacity of the planet was put to good use against the Nazi during the overthrow.


The jungle planet of Venus is a warm wet world of many seas and swamps. Perpetual clouds cover a planet inhabited by a variety of large reptiles resembling the dinosaurs of Earth's past.

A race of tall, beautiful warrior females who call themselves Amazonians rule the planet served by the smaller males of their race. The warlike beauties struggle against the vicious and primitive dinosaurian Tyrano men, the small, pig-like Porcinians and the aquatic Sharkmen. The primitive Tyrano men make the swamp areas difficult to traverse while the Sharkmen jealously guard the small seas of Venus against all intruders. The Porcinians are a non-violent race of scientist, poets, and healers who just try to stay out of the other races' way.  Oddly, the Porcinians have better relations with the Sharkmen than any other race on Venus.

The Nazis formed an alliance with the Amazonians and helped subdue the other Venusians. The cost of Nazi friendship was too high for the Amazonians who turned against the Germans during the Great Uprising.  The other races still harbor resentment against the female warriors for the choice in allies, however.

Earth and the Moon

Earth is now a black hole with the same gravity as Earth had before it disappeared.  The Moon still circles the black hole that was Earth and is inhabited by refugees from Earth who claim they share the satellite with a ghost race.  The moon is catacombed with tunnels beneath its surface that are not natural. There is breathable air and abundant, bio-luminescent life. No intelligent races have been found as yet but rumors circulate about large insects seen by ice miners.


The red planet is covered by large deserts, Savannah plains, lush forests and frigid polar regions. Huge canals crisscross the planet distributing water to every region from the poles to the equator. Large cities dot the surface along with massive structures used to control the water flow and climate.

The plains and jungles of Mars are home to fierce races of Cat men.  They war constantly based on tribe with the Lionians holding dominance over the Tigrians and Panterans.  Newcomers often think the cat races dominate the planet but the truly dominate life form is the Librarians.

These squid-faced, blue skinned beings are deep thinkers with a knack for science and have a pacifistic outlook to life. The Librarians. seem content to stay behind the walls of their cities and within their tall towers thinking big thoughts and contemplating deep mysteries. The Nazis conquered their society without firing a shot.

Other Races of the red planet include the a antelope-like Gazelleopus, the polar ape men. Lastly the Spidermen of mars dwell in the deep chasms of the planet.

Other Planets

Jupiter itself has no native life but its moons host a vast array of lifeforms.

The atmosphere of Saturn is home of the Bird men who live on huge floating islands.

Facts About Space

  • Space is big.  Think of the biggest thing possible and space is much, much larger than that.  It can take over a day to reach another planet and as much as a week to get to Pluto from Mercury.
  • Space is cold.  Space is so cold that if you stay out in it long you'll get frost bite.  Space is so cold a cup water will freeze in a very short time (like a minute).
  • Space is hard to breathe in.  Think of trying to run a marathon in Denver and you get the idea.  You can survive in space but you'll be cold and out of breath.
  • Space is hazardous.  There are meteor showers, meteor storms, big meteors that leap out of nowhere leaving your pilot saying "What the heck!". 
  • Space also has pirates in it, Nazis are a constant threat and don't even start me talking about the giant space squid.  Its dangerous with a capitol D so make sure your ray gun is always charged.

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