Thursday, September 2, 2010

AP: Galaxia's Web

Greetings Rocketeers!

In the last episode of Adventures in Z-Space, our heroes evaded or destroyed a squadron of Nazi fighters and war rockets after stealing an ancient Stargate from a hidden Nazi swamp base. Stargates are incredible devices allowing instant travel from one place in the universe to another. Queen Galaxia was displeased with the theft of the device and threatened to destroy the small Texas city they used as a base if they didn't immediately bring the Stargate to her ship, The Dominance.

And now for this week's episode

Galaxia's Web

The heroes were in quite a dilemma. They had to somehow prevent Galaxia from destroying their friends in Hempstead while keeping Galaxia from the powerful Stargate. Their ship, the Achilles, was a former Nazi research ship and was well provisioned by the Solar Alliance Rocket Force before our heroes entered Z-Space.

Their plan: ditch the Stargate in space, travel to Galaxia's ship, have Fulton woo the Queen with his stunning good looks, charm, and bravado while the rest of the characters stole aboard the Dominance via rocket belt in order to destroy it from within.

There was a bit of angst as the Achilles approached the rendezvous point. Galaxia's ship was huge. What's more, there was a fleet of other ships surrounding the Dominance. Apparently that Stargate was even more valuable than the characters realized.

Undeterred by Galaxia's might and disguised as Nazi rocket troopers, Dash, Anthem, Fidget, K'hyven, Sgt. Parkay, and Xander leapt from from the Achilles into open space and rocketed to the front of the Galaxia's ship entering the forward hanger bay. As luck would have it, the bay contained the very atomic bombs Galaxia planned to use on Hempstead.

As the characters entered the forward hanger bay, they were approached by a Primian officer asking them their business aboard the Dominance. Dash, hero of Z-Space, announced they were there with a payload of bananas for her majesty. Not being all that bright, the Primian believe him.

Meanwhile, Fidget and K'hyven, using acquired invisibility technology, made their way to the atomic bombs and proceeded to rig one of them to explode using a remote detonation device K'hyven had for just such an occasion. (no really, he's been wanting to blow something up remotely for many game sessions).

Meanwhile, Fulton, aka sacrificial lamb, landed the Achilles on the Dominance's central landing pad. He was met by a score of Primian soldiers and some Akak assault troops. Fulton, Captain Oft, Gerrowl the Lionman, Peeps the Birdgirl, Ballcutter the Venusian Amazon, and MicD robot were escorted to Galaxia's throne room escorted by the horde of Primians.

In the antechamber before the throne room were rows of cages containing men of various races all begging Fulton to tell Galaxia of their undieing love for her. As Fulton entered, the captives yelled through the doorway to Galaxia, straining to get a glimpse of her.

Galaxia sat on her throne glowering at Fulton. "Where is it? What have you done with my Stargate?"

Fulton approached cocksure of his way with women. "What's up babe?"

Galaxia fumed. "Lord Galaga, throw him to the floor!"

The man-mountain consort of Galaxia grabbed Fulton by the neck and threw the hero of N-Space to the floor. "Kneel, human scum!" Fulton had no choice but to comply.

But even placed in a position of submission, Fulton was undeterred. He knew he could bring Galaxia over to his side. He just had get Galaxia alone. "I'll tell you everything, your highness but perhaps we should go somewhere a little more private." Fulton used his best smile.

Galaxia actually smiled back. "Yes. That would be much easier. Galaga, take him to my interrogation chamber." Galaxia's interrogation chamber turned out to be a bedroom with more darkened cages lining the walls. Fulton wasn't sure what this interrogation was going to entail but he started looking forward to it.

Galaxia's face visibly softened once Lord Galaga left. "You are not completely unattractive for a human," said Galaxia as she drew near to Fulton. "Those naughty Nazis hid the Stargate's location from me. It was quite a ruse. It wasn't until you stole the gate that I discovered what they'd done. Apparently my attempt to destroy Earth in order to bring Gygoth back into N-Space upset them. While I never really trusted the Nazis, I now know there is nothing left on Earth worth saving other than the Elder beings and ancient technology housed there."

Fulton looked upon the face of evil. A wicked grin spread across Galaxia's face.

Fulton looked deeply into Galaxia's eyes using all the woman wooing power at his disposal. "What are you planning, Galaxia?"

"My BEM scientist are perfecting a dust that will destroy biospheres on a planetary level. Once completed, I'll poison Earth killing all who live there."

Fulton drew back astonished. "You fiend."

Galaxia laughed. "Yes. Yes I suppose I am. Once the formula is proven on Earth, all the Dark One planets will meet the same fate. After Z-Space is cleansed, I'll return to N-Space and exact my revenge on the Librarians and the rest of the galaxy."

Fulton attempted to draw away but Galaxia pressed her lips against his in a long, passionate kiss. Fulton's mind filled with love and affection for Galaxia. Suddenly, nothing else in the universe mattered as much as his beautiful queen.

Galaxia took Fulton by the hand and guided him toward one of the cages lining the wall. "Now, my dear Fulton, where is my Stargate and where are the rest of your crew?"

Fulton took a deep breath and told her everything.

Meanwhile, back in the hanger bay, Dash, Zander, Anthem, and Sgt. Parkay made their way into the rest of the ship while K'hyven and Fidget continued working on the atomic bomb.

Speakers throughout the ship blared as one "Intruder Alert. Capture the humans in launch bay one."

Tune in in two weeks for the next exciting episode of Adventures in Z-Space!!!


Fulton sat down in his cage content that he pleased his queen. As the beautiful image of Galaxia left to deal with his former crewmen, the lights in the cages came on. Next to him sat an old man dressed in a brown shirt with a swastika arm band. It was none other than Adolf Hitler.

"Schei├čekopf, you've killed us all. So what if one small city was destroyed. You should have run with the Stargate to keep it from Galaxia."

A mechanical man on the other side of Fulton spoke. It's body had no curves, it was all blocky. Its eyes were a sideways hourglass and there was a clock in the middle of its chest. "Perhaps not human designated Hitler. Time is short but time remains. You broke free of Galaxia's thrall. You must teach the chronologically short human designated Fulton how to break free. I can then rally my race to stand against amazon designated Galaxia."

"Nine," spat Hitler. "Nine. Nine. Nine. Even if you were free, Master Cog, the Chronobots alone cannot defeat Galaxia."

"But the Chronobots and Nazis together with the rest of Earth might," said Master Cog. "And there are others."

Hitler's eyes narrow. "Very well. We will try but I doubt he possesses the Aryan will power required. Now look at me Fulton and listen very closely..."

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