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AP: Space Nazis - How I Learned to Hate Galaxia but Love the Bomb

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In our last episode of Adventures in Z-Space, the heroes boarded the Dominance after Queen Galaxia threatened to destroy the city of Hempstead, Texas. The PCs jettisoned the ancient Stargate along with the non-combatant members of the Achilles crew. The plan was for Fulton to stall the Queen while Dash, Anthem, Xander, K'hyven, Parkay, and Fidget found a way to disable or destroy the Dominance, preferably with the same atomic weapons Galaxia planned to use on Hempstead.

Fulton, along with the NPCs Captain Reginald Oft, Ballcutter the Amazonian warrior, Gerrowl the Lionman, and Peeps the Birdgirl were brought before Galaxia. The enraged tyrant demanded to know what they did with her Stargate. Fulton was his usual womanizing self. He fully expect the Queen to succumb to his considerable charms. One kiss from Galaxia, however, made Fulton the Queen's love slave. He told her everything about where they dumped the Stargate and what his friends were doing to her ship.

Fulton Trapped with Hitler and the Chronobot Master Cog

 Down on the central hanger deck, Dash Ransom had just bluffed his way past a group of Primian monkey men. Luckily the atomic bombs destined for Hempstead were stacked and ready to load onto waiting space fighters. An invisible K'hyven, the mercurian dwarf, began attaching a remote detonation device with the help of an equally invisible Fidget, the freedom-loving, anarchist catman from Mars.

Dressed in Nazi space suits, Marines Parkay, Anthem, and Redshirt followed Dash as he attempted to leave the hanger deck in search of Fulton. Reaching out with his mind, Xander determined the direction and distance to Fulton. Just then the loudspeaker blared "Arrest all humans!"

The Fight Begins!
K'hyven muttered a curse. "Well that didn't take long. I wonder if it was Fulton?"

Fidget let out a feline growl. "I've learned that most things are Fulton's fault, even when they aren't. By the way, you're usually my second choice for blame."

Around the hanger, Primians, Akaks, and BEMs stopped readying the fighters that would be used in the bombing run on Hempstead and turned their attention to the humans.
Akak, BEM, Primian, Galaxia, and Lord Galaga
Dash groaned. "Ah nuts, he kissed her."

As Primians, BEMs, and Akaks rushed toward the pseudo-Nazis, Dash held up his hand. "I got this one. I bluffed 'em once, I'll bluff 'em again."

"I've got a better idea," said Anthem charging his ray gun rifle. "Let's kill stuff."

The three marines nodded in agreement and and opened fire on Primians and BEMs.

The loud voices of the Akaks could be heard as they advanced around the bombs. In unison they said "Ak tak at at kat ak tak at ak tat kat." Which, roughly translated means "build giant robot to smash enemies." No one quite knew how this was pertinent to the current situation.

A BEM launched a small, green ball into the middle of the PCs. It exploded but didn't do enough damage to injure anyone.

As the BEM reached for another device, the marines ran for the space fighters. Private Redshirt, Sgt. Parkay, and Corporal Anthem leapt into the cockpit of the nearest fighter and fired a blast from the fighter's nose cannon into a group of advancing aliens. Primians fell as massive blasts from the nose cannons ripped through money-man flesh. The fact that the ray gun blasts were disturbingly close to the atomic bombs didn't seem to bother the marines in the least.

Seeing that diplomacy and trickery were not widely accepted options among the leathernecks, Dash filled his hand with a ray gun and began blasting. Xander, the psychic, activated his rocket belt to fly out of range.

As the battle began in earnest, Fidget fidgeted. "Hurry up. We've got bad guys to kill."

"Hold your boots, pussy cat," said K'hyven.

"I'll have you know 'pussy' is considered a racial slur on Mars," said Fidget.

"I'll show you a racial slur if you don't shut your cat trap and hand me a 3/8ths electro-spanner. Atomic ordinance is a wee bit finicky when you've got its innards exposed. Of course, I suppose I could just blow the damn thing up taking out Galaxia and her fleet. Aye, now that would be a legendary act!"

"How about you wait a few minutes while I jump into one of those fighters?" said Fidget. "After all, what good are heroic acts unless someone lives to tell them."

"Don't get your tail in a wad, pussy cat. I'm almost done." The dwarf chuckled a little. Fidget let very few things get under his skin but apparently death by atomic incineration wasn't high on his to-do list for the day.

The cat vs. dwarf conversation continued throughout the battle.

Meanwhile, back in the battle, the marines were now safely locked away under the canopy of the space fighters while Dash manage to get himself surrounded but a group a Primians. The not-so-bright muscle men of Galaxia first tried pain sticks. These did little against the heavy armor Dash wore. The Primians switched to vibro-knives which did a much better job at cutting through the armor. Dash was badly injured as he flew away from the Primians.

The large, gadget wielding BEMs were the prime targets as they were the toughest and had the most destructive power at their disposal. Several well aimed shots blasted through the bubble helmets covering most of their body. The BEMs are almost all head and tentacles with one large eye. All in all its a hard target to miss. Still, the characters must have double charged the ray gun batteries because they felled the BEMs quickly.

It was at this point in the battle that the marines decided to start pilot school. The aliens decided that staying away from space fighter's nose cannon firing arch was a good idea. Anthem tried to fly his fighter so he could get a better shot. While excellent foot soldiers, the marines training as a pilot was non-existent. To his credit, Anthem did manage to get the vehicle in the air. However horizontal maneuvering eluded him and he ended up crashing his ship into Private Redshirt's fighter.

Not letting Anthem's crash deter him, Sgt. Parkay attempted the same maneuver of spinning his fighter so as to get a shot at the approaching Akaks. The fighter shot into the air then slammed back to the deck. Parkay adjusted the controls and prepared for another attempt.

Just then the Akaks swarmed over Parkay's fighter. They pulled tools out and began dissembling the fighter with Parkay still in it.

K'hyven slammed the panel shut on the atomic bomb which now featured a remote detonation device. The bombs were now linked so when one went off they all went off. Fidget took off from the cluster of ordinance and began firing into Primians as fast as he could. Did I mention Fidget is really fast?

K'hyven eased to the edge of the bomb cluster. His eyes bugged out as he realized the Akaks were rapidly creating a giant robot out of the fighter with Sgt. Parkay still under the canopy of the cockpit. "Let's see how you like this little beauty," said K'hyven as he pulled one of his own inventions out and threw it at the cluster of Akaks. The device exploded taking out all the Akaks and several Primians that were using Parkay's fighter for cover. Parkay was protected by the remaining armor surrounding the cockpit.

The battle is over with some wrecked fighters an atomic bombs ready to go BOOM!
There was a bit of cleanup but the battle was, by and large, over at that point. Xander used his mental powers to heal Dash. K'hyven is now the most powerful person on the ship with the ability to detonate and atomic bomb with the flick of a switch.

Credits: Old Hitler

Resources: Slipstream, Savage Worlds Explorers Edition, Space Nazis Setting

Coming soon: Captain Oft, Ballcutter, Gerrowl, Peeps, and MicD robot attempt to free Fulton.

Tune in next week Rocketeers for a for another episode of Adventures in Z-Space!

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