Sunday, August 8, 2010

AP: Space Nazis - Fidget's Big Score

Last week our heroes crashed into the gate house attempting to capture or disable the Nazi-run star gate that was sending Zombie microbes into their home dimension of N-Space. Their APC is disabled after crashing through the gatehouse wall. Almost everyone is unconscious. While their entrance killed most of the Nazi soldiers, two heavy weapon wielding SS troopers remain along with a beautiful German scientist.

After the crash, the Nazi scientist activated her invisibility cloak. One of the SS Troopers remained trapped beneath the APC trying to get his heavy ray gun free. The other trooper took up a position outside the gatehouse and resumed firing at the APC in hopes of blowing it up.

Marine trooper Meason and the cat man Fidget were the only ones moving inside the APC. Fidget, seeing the disabled APC was still a target, quickly leaped from the vehicle to find cover only to see two humans strapped to an altar behind the star gate. Since restrained humans are easiest to pilfer, Fidget headed there first.

Meason popped a hatch on the APC, shouted "Die Nazi scum," and fired his rifle at the SS Trooper. While he hit again and again the toughened storm trooper shook off the wounds and continued to fire taking aim at Meason.

Meanwhile back at the altar, Dash Ransom, hero of Z-Space, struggled against the metal straps holding him in place. The APC crashed into the raised dais holding the star gate which loosened the bands a bit. At his side Xander, a failed Nazi experiment, likewise began to wiggle free. Although it was a bit disconcerting to have Fidget pat them down first, it was nice when the cat burglar released the bands holding them down.

Glad to be free, Dash evaluated the situation and attempted to wrest the heavy ray gun away from the trapped SS trooper under the APC. His first (and second) attempt failed to pry the gun away from the determined Nazi.

Xander, attempted to use his newfound psychic powers. Thanks to Nazi brain experiments, he is now able to read minds, heal injuries, and teleport. He tried in vain to get far away from the combat but his powers wouldn't work thanks to a suppressor band the Nazis attached to his head. Xander tried to break the band but failed. Then, remembering the cat's ability with all things lockish, asked the nimble feline for help. Fidget made quick work of the clasp. Fidgeted eyed the psychic damper approvingly and put it in his pouch.

Just then, three bolts came out of nowhere targeted on Xander. The cursed female Nazi did not like her prize experiment's freedom. The heroes looked about but saw no target.

Fidget spied the bolts origin. He handed a stun grenade to Xander who threw the grenade into the area missing completely. Luckily the grenade bounced off the wall landing in the general area of Frau Doctor. "Better to be lucky than good I suppose", thought Fidget. The stun mist spewed from the grenade outline Doctor Shoner.

Fidget opened fire with an armor piercing rocket pistol round. The agile Frau dodged the projectile then ran out of the mist.

Meanwhile, Dash finally wrestled the heavy ray gun away from the trapped SS trooper then put the struggling Nazi out of his (Dash's that is) misery. Marine Meason continued to exchange file with the other SS heavy weapons expert. While Meason hit the trooper numerous times the tough German continued to fight on.

Fidget, determined to eliminate the female gadgeteer, pulled out two grenades pulled the pins with his teeth and blanketed the western wall of the gatehouse in stun mist showing the curvaceous outline of the evil scientist. The other heroes fired until she was incapacitated.

The SS trooper on the north wall hit Meason hard with a heavy ray gun blast severely wounding the marine but not before the brave SARF marine finally got a shot through the Nazi armor. Dash saw his shot and took it finishing off the determined Nazi.

The heroes ship, the Achilles, continued to circle the base taking out the surrounding ray gun towers. Captain Oft radioed the characters telling then they had less than 10 minutes before the Nazi reinforcements arrived. As the group prepared to leave, Fidget shouted "You're just going to leave it?"

"Leave what?" Meason asked.

"The star gate. Its worth a fortune."

Dash looked at the cat like he was insane. "We have no way to lift it and there's no way I'm sticking around for the Nazis. I've served enough time in one of their stinking prison camps."

"The ship, the APC!" exclaimed the cat. "Get the dwarf to rig a hoist. I've seen him work mechanical miracles."

"You've got 5 minutes," said Captain Oft from the bridge of the Achilles.

The characters manage to get the survivors from the APC wreck back to consciousness and started to work on a hoist. In the end they had 30 seconds to spare.

As the character rocketed away the Nazis arrived too late to stop them. They are now in possession of one of the fame Star Gates of the Great Galactic Society. The Nazis were unable to form more than a microscopic hole back to N-Space with it. Will our heroes discover its secrets and return home? Will they find a way to use its power to return Earth to N-Space from Z-Space.

Tune in next week Rocketeers for more Adventures in Z-Space!!!

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