Saturday, May 29, 2010

Gods' Game - Characters

Episode 1: Arrival
Episode 2: Reunions
Episode 3: Nigh Watch
Episode 4: Big Dogs
Episode 5: Judgment
Episode 6: On Display
Episode 7: The Uninvited
Episode 8: Departures

Jack Large(foot) - Halfling from the island continent of Straulia.  Jack is the son of a halfling cobbler; an ironic choice of professions as halflings don't wear shoes.  Jack was raised in a human city and has a rather large chip on his shoulder concerning his height.

Ballar - priest of the hunt and member of the Tehasian Rangers.  Ballar travels with a huge, black Straulian wolf named Fenris.

Serena Diamondeye - gnome, niece of Cornelius Diamondeye, and bar maid at the Full Tankard Inn..  Like most gnomes, Serena's demonstrated illusionist ability (Savage Worlds Obscure Power, limited to small burst template, affect sight, sound and feeling).  She's called flat face due to her petite nose, a horrid disfigurement for a gnome.

Cornelius Diamondeye - Leader of an Adventurer's Guild in Misty Bay Colony.  The guilds are licensed by the King of Sun Mountian and tasked with clearing the ruins surrounding Misty Bay.  The kingdom taxes treasure recovered from the ruins at extraordinary rate.  Cornelius is a man of power and wealth in the Colony.

Tared Norbringer and Jordon Garthlow - A pair of adventurers formerly in Shiva's Adventuring Guild.  After Shiva left the Colony the two drifted from job to job never staying with one guild for any length of time.  They seem to have landed themselves on perpetual Night Watch for attempting to withhold the King's taxes for treasures found within the ruins (a charge they deny).  Tared laughs and jokes almost constantly.  Jordon is the down beat to every one of Tared's up beats.

Fast Larry - Another Straulian halfling.  Larry betrayed Jack in Straulia then fled to escape Jack's wrath.

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