Monday, May 31, 2010

Gods' Game Characters - Serina Diamondeye

Serina Diamondeye is a character from the Gods' Game story. She is the niece of Cornelius Diamondeye and bar maid at the Full Tankard Inn.  Like most gnomes, Serina is an illusionist (Savage Worlds Obscure Power, limited to small burst template, affect sight, sound and feeling).  She's called flat face due to her petite nose, a horrid disfigurement for a gnome.

Stat TypeStat Values
AttributesAgility (d6e), Smarts (d8e), Spirit (d6e), Strength (d4e), Vigor (d6e)
SkillsFighting (d6e), Guts (d4e), Notice (d6e), Persuasion (d4e), Repair (d4e), Shooting (d6e), Taunt (d4e), Throwing (d4e), Arcana (d4e), Spellcasting (d8e)
LanguagesCommon, Gnomish
DerivedPace 5, Parry 6, Charisma 0, Toughness 5, Armor 0, Bennies 3, Spellcasting Power Points: Max=15
HindrancesPacifist, Vow
EdgesAB - Magic
GearStaff, Dagger
PowersObscure, Fear, Deflection

Gnomes: Racial Enemy - Kobolds, Size -1, Curious, Lowlight Vision, Pace 5, +5 Power Points to spells with an illusionist trapping.

Serina receives a -1 to her Charisma checks when dealing with her own race but a +1 when dealing with halflings.

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