Tuesday, July 10, 2012

d20 Cartographer Strikes Again! Mega Townscapes - Human Town

Product: Mega Townscapes: Human Town
Publisher: D20 Cartographer
People: Joshua Bennett (artist and author)
Price: $9.99

The d20 Cartographer strikes again with a massive town map for use in your fantasy RPG. This huge map features a walled town with multiple shops, temples, guildhalls, barracks, and houses. There's also a bazaar for your characters to explore. You can even go inside the city walls to defend the town from invaders.

The map is beautiful with rich colors and textures making it highly appealing to the eyes. You can print out the sections to make one large map or print out individual buildings for use in any town.

The true magic happens when you use the map in MapTool. First of all it comes with a set of Devin Night's villager tokens allowing you to populate your town quickly. The MapTool campaign file has two maps representing the interior and exterior of the town's buildings. As you move across the entryway the token is taken to the other map for further exploration.

The image above show the map in MapTool. As the token moves over the steps it is teleported to an interior view of warehouse.

The level of detail on these maps is amazing. You can see the sunlight hitting the floor on the image above coming in from the windows. On top of that, the maps already have the vision blocking layer populated so your PCs have no idea what's around the next corner or in the next room.

By The Numbers

I hate to sound like a cheer leader but this is what you get for $10.
28 Tokens
12 Highly detailed buildings with Vision Blocking and Fog of War
2 MapTool campaign files, one with the entire town on one map and another with a map per building
100+ object png files to use for set dressing on any other map you care to draw

The Savage Troll considers this town map a must have for any MapTool fantasy games. You simply can't beat the price for all that's in this product.

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