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AP: Space Nazis - Battle for the Throne Room

Greetings Rocketeers!

This episode takes place as the battle for the hanger bay rages on.

Galaxia entered her throne room aboard the Dominance. Her many minions stood guard around Fulton's companions: Captain Oft, Ballcutter the Amazonian warrior, Gerrowl the lion man, Peeps the bird girl, and MicD Robot.

Galaxia sneered at the companions. "Now that Fulton is my love slave I have no use for this rabble. Have the robot dissected for spare parts. Do with the others what you will. Come Lord Galaga. We have business on the bridge."

As the queen exited for the bridge, The Primians drew their pain sticks and barked guttural laughs. The BEM began salivating thinking of the interesting experiments he can could perform on the captives. The Akaks chattered in their terse language discussing how the prisoner's heads would look nice if only they were on different bodies.

A cruel smile spread across Ballcutter's face as she assumed a combat stance. "It's about time the talking stopped and the fighting started. Damn that weak willed man!"

Fulton is made of stronger stuff than that, " said Captain Oft. The old SARF captain saw his companions readying for combat. Anger filled him. "Robot, engage battle logic."

MicD's analytical gears quickly computed ranges and strategies. Activating its defense protocol, the robot launched a sonic grenade into the middle of the Akaks. The alien's heads swelled as the sonic vibrations amplified inside their bubble helmets causing their eyes to bulge. The BEM and two Primians didn't fair much better.

Peeps the bird girl screeched, launched into the air, and drove her talons into the nearest Primian officer driving the surprised ape man to the ground. The officer tried to bring his ray gun to bear but was unable to move thanks to the flashing talons and flapping wings of Peepoor Pricipalian, "I am the daughter of the High Lord of Borovar Skyland. You filth will not touch my comrades."

Respectable and reserved Captain Reginald Oft, captain of SARF Rocket ship 457, always believed in an up and up fight but these beings riled him to the point of fury. His friend and shipmate Fulton disappeared suffering a fate too horrible to be imagined. No honorable warrior should suffer that fate! Oft ran to the stunned BEM punching the huge creature in the eye. But rather than pull back for another punch, the normally reserved captain and kept driving his fist until he found some unspecified internal organ, then yanked... hard. The creature fell in a tentacled mass. "Take that you fiend!" yelled Oft. The captain stood over the alien for a moment, his arms drenched in green blood. He spied a variety of super science gadgets attacked to the BEMs tentacles. He wondered which would be the most destructive.

The lion man had no fancy words or battle cries. He simply roared an earsplitting roar and sprang into action striking at both the Primian officers. His claws struck one but missed the other. The one he struck fell to the ground, the bird girl's talon wounds matched by the Lion man's claws.

As the Akaks tried to recover, the fatal female known as Ballcutter acted. Her smile turned into a snarl as she retrieved the felled Primian officers vibrosword. She swung the sword in a wide arc splitting the remaining Primian officer in half then buried the weapon in another Primian's chest. "Fulton will be avenged!"

Their officers were dead but the savage ape men attacked, surrounding the companions in hopes of subduing them with superior numbers. The pain sticks they used, however, did little against the space suits the companions wore.

One of the Akaks recovered and fired its raygun piston at Captain Oft. The old man easily dodged the incoming attack. Oft picked up the largest of the BEM gadgets and pressed the firing trigger. A wave of energy shot out stunning the attacking Akak.

The device coated the Primians as well but the tough, muscled aliens shrugged off the attack. Unfortunately, the Primians managed to damage MicD causing the robot man to collapse. Their pain sticks discharged a large electric jolt. This disabled the robot sending it to the ground in a heap of metal limbs.

The battle ended quickly after that. Captain Oft continued using the BEM device to take out large swaths of aliens while Ballcutter used deadly sweep maneuvers mowing down numerous Primians with each stroke. Captain Oft went to find Fulton while the lion man, bird girl, and Amazon tracked down and killed the remaining Primians.

Captain Oft found Fulton, Hitler, and Master Cog in the interrogation chamber. "My Boy, we feared the worse. Are you able to walk?"

"Release us now, you old fool," growled Hitler. "Ve must make our escape while Galaxia is occupied. Together the Alliance and Axis can defeat her!"

"Indeed, time is short... yet time remains," stated the mechanical man, Master Cog, matter-of-factly.

Captain Oft opened Fulton's cell door. The hero of N-Space emerged with an odd look on his face.

"Fulton, what should we do now?" asked Oft.

Fulton stared at Oft. Rather, he stared through Oft. His mind raced.

The wicked queen’s treacherous attack had come as a complete shock.

His will, his mind, that finely tuned mechanism that had driven him across the vast gulf of space, that had engaged him to build titanic machines of science, that had fueled his assault on the galaxy-spanning empire, clashed mightily with the psychotropic drug of Galaxia’s super science!

His lips throbbed and through his veins pulsed the nefarious drug. In his brain, it clamped on the neurons and it commanded: OBEY! OBEY! OBEY!

A weak man would have become her instant slave, obedient to her merest wish. A strong man might have fought, and won a second or two respite, before becoming overwhelmed. In Fulton, however, Galaxia had met her superior in a man who would never surrender, never weaken, never knuckle under or kowtow to the wishes of any dictator. Fulton would live free or die!

None of the titanic struggle within was apparent to even the sharpest observer. The moronic surface personality the Man of Action had erected was guided to a cell and settled within. Ray gun was aware that Galaxia spoke with him—with the splinter of mind that seemed to Galaxia all of his being—and aware of the monstrous personage that occupied the next cell and listened with vile intent. What his splinter mind said was of no importance. It appeared as mundane as the mewling of kittens. What mattered—only—was the colossal struggle that waged within his powerful body.

The chemical struck! It seized control of vital neural pathways and Fulton counter-attacked! Every iota of his immense will blazed. The amazing power of his amazing mind, a flaming torrent poured onto the imprisoned neuron, until the contemptible chemical melted under his relentless assault, and slowly, gradually, the potent drug began to weaken.

He threw off the final remnant of the drug, freeing his mind at last, and dismantled the driveling moronic personality. In the sudden silence, he heard the pounding of feet and the chatter of a key at his cell. Raygun shrugged off his lethargy and stood.

In the doorway, Gerrowl, the fiercely grinning lion man, and Peeps, the beautiful bird woman. Behind them stood Ballcutter, the stoic Amazonian warrior

“See, woman! “ Gerrowl laughed. “I told you Galaxia lied! Raygun would never fall within her trap or betray us!”

“I’m glad you don’t really love her,” Peeps said. “ Because I …” She blushed and turned her head away as her eyes suddenly and mysteriously misted over.

Ballcutter looked on and shook her head.

“Here!” Gerrowl tossed Raygun’s twin holsters and twin pistols to him. “I brought weapons!”

The Man of Action deftly caught them and spun to the adjoining cell.

“Hey, Shicklegruber!”

The ancient and malevolent man within stirred. Eyes as dark and cold as the depths of space sparkled with malign intent as he shifted forward.

Vas?!” he commanded.

The pistol flamed in Fulton’s hand. Hitler fell, his forehead ablaze.

“That’s for Poland!” Fulton snarled. He fired again into the body. “And that’s for the Jews, you murderous bastard!” Fulton fired until his raygun's battery was empty. "And that's for the millions that died when you sucked Earth into this hellhole called Z-Space!"

Peeps blinked at the sudden violence. Not alarmed, but surprised. “Who was that?”

“Nobody.” Fulton belted on his holster. “A rat that shoulda died a long time ago.”

He flipped open a cigarette pack and puffed one alight. Clouds of cigarette smoke shrouded his head—his eyes blazed within!

“Right. That’s one down. Now, for Galaxia.” His voice was a promise. Galaxia had surprised him one time.

This time she would pay!

Authors John Day and R K Athey
Editing by D M Brown

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