Saturday, July 13, 2013

Net Find - Age of Aces

Age of Aces is a site dedicated to the Air War Pulps of the 30s and 40s. Bill Mann, Chris Kalb, and David Kalb reproduce the old pulp magazines by scanning the original content, re-typeseting the words, and restoring the original artwork for the completed book. You can either download fred PDFs or order the books from

The site describes itself as follows:
Straight from the tattered pages of Popular Publication’s air war pulps, Age of Aces Books is proud to be able to bring you the best of these heroes. Don’t spend all that time and money tracking down dozens of the crumbling original magazines looking for your favorite aviator. Age of Aces has done that for you. Each of our books contain stories featuring a single exciting character or written by one of your favorite authors. We are also doing some books that are not air war but still have a connection to that era and those magazines.
If you're a GM running a Savage Worlds pulp campaign, I count this as must read content. Scenario ideas and NPCs will leap off the pages. As a player, you'll get all sorts of ideas and new directions for your character.

I've spent hours on the site reading the pulps, pulling sayings and settings for Thomas Gunn stories. Drop by and give them a read. You won't be disappointed.

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