Saturday, May 18, 2013

Framework Update

I had some time to work on my Savage Worlds framework recently fixing a few issues and adding some additional functionality.

I've been asked a number of time about custom lists and I've finally put those in. This is an optional function that won't show up unless the GM adds custom lists to his setting. You do this with a new macro called EditSettingsList. This creates the following dialog box.

Enter whatever lists you want. Next, bring up a character sheet. You should see a new link titled 'Other'. Click this to add values from the lists you created as the GM.

After you Submit, the character sheet should show the selected values.

I also changed the Weapon Use function to give the ability to reload at any time. Find the ColtM1911 above, you now see a (number). This is the number of shots fired. If you select the weapon you now have a Reload option.

In addition, I've added a few things to the output of trait tests in the chat window. It now shows what modifiers went into the roll. I also fixed the bug with trait modifiers. The SS Officer has a -6 to hit due to range, wounds, fatigue, and autofire. You can now see this on the output.

I have the file out for testing. I'll let it bake a week then fold it into the main campaign file for distribution.

We tested this file on Tuesday during our normal bi-weekly game. It worked fine. The download link is

You can find instructions for on the full framework here