Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Space: 1889 Planet Project

Space 1889 is a Steampunk role-playing game set in a fictional Victorian Era of the Earth. With the help of steam-powered spaceships, human explorers flew through the ether and colonized Mars, Venus, and Mercury.

To support the new German edition of Space: 1889, a German fangroup created the Space: 1889 planet project which currently is in it's beta phase. The project uses Google Earth to project Space:1889 maps onto a planetary sphere which is movable and searchable by users. 

Check it out the promo video here depicting Mars:

See the Der Globus home page for ways to support the project and check on its progress.

You can learn more about Space:1889 and the Victorian Era by visiting our review of Space:1889 - Red Sands or from Frank Chadwick's blog. Our review of The Kerberos Club contains additional Victorian background. 


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