Monday, June 25, 2012

Deadlands Comics

Visionary Comics recently published a series of comics based on Pinnacle Entertainment Group’s Deadlands RPG. Each comic highlights a facet of the Deadland’s setting with varying degrees of success. I will say for the Deadlands RPGer, they are all worth reading since they help illustrate the setting to the non-Deadlands initiate. Their other value is giving the veteran Deadlands dweller a new view of the beloved RPG setting. 

For the non-gamer, Deadlands is a genre mash-up of the Wild West, Horror, and Steampunk called the Weird West. It features card shark spell casters, mad scientist inventing infernal devices, quick draw gun men, preachers that can call down actual fire and brimstone, and shamans on first name basis with nature spirits. There's lots of Kung-fu action as well.