Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Blog Post You Should Never Publish

I know you should never post explaining why you haven't been posting. Still, I've never let common sense stand in the way of publication.

I've been hard at work creating a new Savage Worlds framework for MapTool. The effort has several goals including:
  1. Internationalization - GM can change the labels on the screens so non-English speakers can use the framework.
  2. Full integration of race, edges, hindrances, and monstrous abilities on trait rolls. You have to define these for the setting but it works really well.
  3. Custom definitions of arcane backgrounds. I want something that handles Hellfrost, Solomon Kane, Realms of C'thulhu, Necessary Evil, the Companions (Fantasy, Super Powers, Horror) with ease.
  4. Wizard-based configuration to help with setup.
  5. Setting based rather than character sheet based - the last framework started and stayed centered around the character sheet. The new one is centered around the setting with the character sheet as one of the products.
  6. Multiple deck support - the new framework will handle any number of adventure and action decks.
  7. Group movement and initiative
  8. Gadgets, equipment, and artifacts - probably one of the biggest changes is gear definition. Rather than have 4 types of gear (weapon, armor, ammo, and other) all gear will be configured the same  where you assign different aspects to the gear. One of the new aspects will be powers. This will help greatly with Weird Science gadgets. 
  9. and much, much more.
So I'll be gone for a bit, probably a few months. Derek B will be filling in with some reviews and other tidbits. I'll try to get some posts up showing the new framework as well.

Thanks for all your support.


  1. As someone who has created fairly basic frameworks for LotFP and Crypts & Things, and is going to do one for ACKS; I can appreciate how much work you need to put into to make it all work. And I think you must be skilled to do something this comprehensive; I struggle enough just getting the hit points to go up and down :)

  2. I'm not great at it either. I've just been doing it for a very long time. I also have tons of example code I've written that I reuse. The real masters are folks like wolph42, CoveredInFish, and other's that contribute a lot of drop-ins and frameworks over on the forums.

    I just love Savage Worlds and MapTool and want to give back to the community that returned my gaming hobby to me.