Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Savage Worlds Poker Deck for MapTool

I've had several requests to handle a deck of cards outside the initiative system for the MapTool Savage Worlds Framework. Sunday morning, I added a new Library Token called Lib:PokerDeck .

The Framework update includes a new Library token for the SWEX campaign file called Lib:PokerDeck and three new macro buttons on the campaign macro window. You control the new PokerDeck token from these three macro buttons.

Draw Card for Select Tokens campaign button draws a card from the Poker Deck for each token selected. You'll get an error message if the deck runs out of cards.

Manage Hand macro button displays an HTML frame with the hands of all the players, including your own. Below is an image of the Troll's hand. It shows all the cards for other players as well (if they don't have the cards set as 'Hole' cards).

The Troll has several options of what to do with his card. He can make the card Face up, Face down, put it in the Hole (other players can't see it), or discard it. The Troll could also draw another card from the deck or fold his hand completely, losing all his cards.

Here's a slightly more interesting version where each player has 5 cards. In this case, some of the cards are face down.

To change any of the card states (Face Up, Face Down, Hole, or Discard), you simply select the radio button below the card and click Submit.

Rest Deck macro button returns all cards to the deck.

You will need this new Lib:Token if you plan to use the Savage Worlds Deluxe Edition or need them for the Huckster in Deadlands.

Good luck and let me know if you find any problems.


  1. I understand why this is needed for the Huckster in Deadland, but I can't think of any systems in SWD that use it. Am I forgetting something.

  2. I've been told the new chase rules use cards. At least that was the request that lead to the updated framework.

  3. The chase rules use cards, the new dramatic tasks and interludes use them as well.

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