Monday, December 12, 2011

Review - Fantastic Maps - At The Gate

Fantastic Maps: At The Gates
Publisher: Rite Publishing
Price: $2.99
Artist: Jonathan Roberts

Jonathan Roberts is a cartographer for Kobold QuarterlySunken Empires, and Adventures in the Hyborian Age. He also contributes regularly to the Maptool forumsunder the name Torstan.

For December, he's produced another fine battlemap showing a wintry fortress with a barricade. It was originally used in the Pathfinder adventure The Breaking of Forstor NagarThe battle scene depicts an encampment outside a city fortress with a tent, bonfire, damaged buildings, and a sturdy barricade to prevent a counter attack.  The fortress is protected with a wall, moat, and bridge.

The product includes .pdf files for printing, jpg for importing into VTTs, and .rpmap files for importing directly into MapTool.  It also contains a set of .png files for the objects that appear on the maps for use in other scenarios.

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