Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Space 1889 Paper Models (Free)

Mayhem in Paper is a web site devoted to 3D, Space 1889 paper models. It has over 30 kits of liftwood ships, iron clads, forts, mesas, and tanks. VTT users could easily GIMP these into Savage Worlds chase tokens.

You can find more of these gems at Squirmydad's Page-o-Creations and Ramblings under the download section.

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  1. I've done some paper miniatures of the Pinnacle pre-gen characters now:


  2. Crow: Excellent paper minis! So much better than the ones that Pinnacle promotes/sells. Yours are better by far, and your Dr. Who set will soon be used in my Date Night Space 1889 adventure as my wife is a true Whovian will love having an adventure with the Doctor popping in. How do I "hire" you to do a set for me?

    Derek (the Duck) or Sir Bently on the Pinnacle Forums.

  3. Those are awesome. I'm going add them to my links page and put out a blog post about them. Thanks Scarecrow!