Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Review: Map of Berem Town (Free)

Rule System: Generic Fantasy
From: 1191 AD Publishing
Price: Free
Author: Domagoj Rapcak
Artist: Domagoj Rapcak

This free, hand-drawn map for a generic medieval fantasy setting has one feature I wish all map makers would learn: PDF layering. In this case the PDF allows the descriptive text to be turned off for printing a player view. I wish the location numbers were on separate layers as well but that is a minor quibble.

The map of Berem includes sixteen points of interest including:

1. Town Entrance
2. Riverside Inn
3. Town Hall
4. Playground
5. Smithy
6. Marketplace
7. Windmill
8. Temple
9. Alchemist
10. Barracks
11. Lord’s Manor
12. Tavern
13. Harbor
14. Lake
15. Monastery
16. Tower

I like this map a great deal. It's pleasing to the eye and lets the GM make the map his own. Kudos to Domagoj Rapcak and 1191 AD Publishing for making it available for free.

This map is free from

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