Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Review: The Cliff Queen’s Court (Free)

Product: The Cliffs Queen's Court
Rule System: Savage Worlds
From: GRAmel Publishing
Price: Free
Author: Umberto Pignatelli, Dave Blewer
Artist: Magdalena Partyka, Michael Hammes, Philip Reed, Rick Hershey, Ireneusz Winnicki

Savage Worlds is a generic system with a reputation for pulp gaming. While SW does pulp well, it also excels at fantasy settings like Beasts & Barbarians from the Polish game company GRAmel Publishing. The Cliff Queen's Court is a five page, one-shot fantasy adventure featuring two possible combat scenes and a dramatic final chase. The adventure is easily playable in one evening as a stand alone adventure or incorporated into an ongoing campaign as a random, seaside encounter.

The adventure includes no maps and is fairly predictable to anyone familiar with Homer's The Odyssey. But even knowing what's coming shouldn't prevent the players from having a great time escaping The Cliff Queen's Court during the dramatic end of the adventure. I suspect some of the choices and trials during the last thirty minutes of play will be some of the scenario's most memorable moments as the characters run for their lives.

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