Saturday, February 19, 2011

Review: The Giant's Meadhall Map

Product: The Giant's Meadhall
From: Rite Publishing
Price: $2.99
Artist: Jonathan Roberts

This is another great map from artist and cartographer Jonathan Roberts. His latest offering is of a giant's mead hall created from Mammoth tusks and skins. The art is up to Jonathan's usual level of expertise and the product has been professionally packaged so it prints on both European and US letter-sized paper. All the maps (both color and printer-friendly black and white) are in the same pdf which helps eliminate drive clutter.

If you're a virtual gamer, you won't wast time importing the pdf into an image editor, exporting to image files, and then assembling them in favorite VTT. The pacakge includes a JPG image of the map (with and without grid) as well as a Maptool campaign file.

This map originally appeared in Kobold's Quarterly #16 in the adventure "Beer Run".

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