Sunday, August 15, 2010

Free Product - Sewer Map Set 1

It's hard to complain about free products. So I won't. I simply state that a little more effort would have made Sewer Map Set 1 from WYDRAZ RPG Products much better. But there are some positive aspects.
  • It's free.
  • It works well with Maptool possessing a 100 ppx grid that lined up well when I imported it.
  • The advertisement at the end of the pdf showed some nice products from the same company.
  • It's free.
    If you are a Maptool user, I recommend drawing sewers like this with textures. You'll use less memory although it takes more time to create.

    To improve the product, I recommend different textures. The ones used in this work are all very green. The water color is particularly bad. You could also alter the texture from the 100ppx to something larger with more variety. Use more than the basic three textures so every floor, water, and impassable section aren't the same for every square. Also, add some other decoration i.e. rats, gates, spider webs, slimes, and oozes.

    I suspect this product is advertisement to show off other, pay-for products. If so you should spend a little more time jazzing it up. As is, I wonder if the quality of your other work matches this one.

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