Friday, July 9, 2010

Space Nazis Z-Space Beastiary - The Dark Ones

If your characters make it to Z-Space they are likely to run into Dark Ones. These minions of the Elder wander Earth in search of slaves and food.  Their ancestors were banished to Z-Space when the Elders were put to sleep eons ago by the Harmonic Stabilizers. 

Chigchugs - squat squid-faced aliens with suckered arms and black clawed fingers. They are a semi-aquatic race with webbed feet.  They suffer a pace of -1 on land.  They have the ability to spit poison darts at foes.  Anyone shaken or wounded by the darts must make a vigor roll with a target number of 4.  If the character receives a raise on the vigor roll the poison had no effect.  Passing the vigor roll without a raise caused the character to suffer 1 level of fatigue.  Failing the vigor roll causes two levels of fatigue.

ag d6, sm d6, sp d6, st d8, vi d8
Pace 6, Parry 6, Toughness 10(4)
Fight d8, Throwing d8, Notice d6, Intimidate d6, Guts d6
Armor 4
Gear Spear Gun, Poison Darts (spit/throw) Str+d4e+Poison

Sisserin  - beings of living, solid shadow.  Sisserins are masters of the dark and shadows.  Where shadows exists they are almost unstoppable.  In bright light, however, none of their powers work and their toughness drops to 5.  Sisserins exist to suck the living essence from sentient beings.  Those they kill become the walking dead, constantly searching and hungering for the flesh of the living.

ag 8, sm 8, sp 8, st 6, vi 6
Pace 10, Parry 6, Toughness 12
Powers: Burrow (Shadow form), Entangle (bring life to shadows), Fear (Death wail), Fly, Armor (solid shadow), Deflection (weapons pass through)
Edges - fleet footed
Hindrances - Weakness(Light)

Chill touch - Str+d8.  The damage ignores the toughness bonus of armor.  If an attack shakes or wounds a target it must make a vigor roll or suffer one level of fatigue.

Gropnars - Intelligent, entangling slime.  Gropnars wait for victims to pass by.

ag 4, sm 4, sp 4, st 10, vi 10
Pace 4, Parry 7, Toughness 11(4),
Edges - Imp Sweep, Imp Frenzy

Shifter - Spiderlike w/ 6 legs and 4 tentacles
ag 8, sm 6, sp 6, st 8, vi 6
Pace 8(d10),
Powers Teleport, Entagle
Edges Frenzy

Cultist - Some humans were driven mad by their surrounds.  Others welcomed the darkness.  Those with a talent for the dark arts became cultist, able to channel the power of the Elder.  The primary powers of the cultist are fear, summoning, clairvoyance, zombie, puppet, entagle, burst (insects), and obscure.  They are, to a person, insane seeking to awaken the Elder fully.

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