Wednesday, July 21, 2010

AP: Tearing Through A Nazi Base

Last night's game got a bit sillier than usual. The crew decided to double back to the Nazi base to activate the portal between Z-Space and N-Space. The Nazis, their numbers depleted, decide to activate their Zombie-fication device to refill their ranks with reanimated troopers.

As the characters drove towards the base in their captured Armored Personnel Carrier (APC), the Zombies swarmed over the vehicle trying to gain entrance. The characters merrily blasted at the undead through the gun ports but several zombies hung on for dear unlife. 

Since the characters were busy firing, no one wanted to actually drive the APC and so they relegated the task to the primitive Lionman Gerrowl from Mars. While not the best driver, he is the worst ranged combatant and so the plan seemed reasonable until the APC power skidded through that front gates going 60" per round trying to make a 90 degree turn to avoid a large building.

Surprisingly, Gerrowl made the turn (with some help form Sgt. Parkay and a few bennies). Someone screamed "who's idea was it to have the cat guy drive!" No one responded due to being thrown about the cabin of the APC.

Luckily, there was a column of Nazis conveniently lined up who were plowed over by the careening APC. Flying Nazi bodies knocked the lone zombie from his perch atop the vehicle.

The APC made another turn and so the characters advised the lead-foot Lionman to begin breaking. Fidget, the diminutive Lynxman from Mars yelled "We're not going to stop in time!" and began firing at the enclosure wall with the vehicle's rocket gun hoping to weaken the structure enough for the APC to plow through. The characters were able to open a hole in the wall just wide enough for the armored vehicle. Unfortunatly, it was at this point Gerrowl ran out of bennies and the Nazis opened up with their heavy weapons.

The Nazis 'killed' the APC just as it reached the wall, traveling 20"/turn. The vehicle hit the wall then flipped end over end. Robert 'Raygun' Fulton was thrown free of the vehicle while the others recovered after the vehicle came to rest on the opposite side of the Gate enclosure. By fate or design, the former APC slid through the majority of Nazi mooks defending the enclosure leaving only two heavily armed soldiers and an attractive, female Nazi scientist to battle in our next gaming session.

The final resting place of the APC


  1. Man I am so mad that I missed it!

  2. From Charlie via email:

    Ending scene: Fultun skids to a stop. Behind him the halftrack is burning. Lots of smoke, debris everywhere. Nazi and zombie bodies here and there. Fulton painfully stirs. A shapely leg in high heels appears in the frame. Fulton looks up into the face of the Nazi Beotch.

    "Zo, Herr Fulton, did zu enjoy your little ride?"

    She barks an order in German and the Stormtroopers advance. Scene closes.

  3. From me:
    Meanwhile, back in the APC:

    Disheveled adventurers start to rise amid the smoke and wreckage of the flipped vehicle. K'hyven's landed on top of the beautiful Amazonian warrior, Ballcutter. She pushes the mercurian dwarf off her with as much dignity as she can muster.K'hyven sits up with a smile on his face, puts out the smolders on his beard, and says "Smoke 'em if you got 'em"

  4. And Derek's response:
    Then, still with a grin, he turns and checks to makes sure everything IS where its supposed to be. Whew!
    Glancing over, he sees the hatch where Fulton was is clear. From outside the APC, rumbling, giggling laughter can be heard echoing inside the dented vehicle.