Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Space City Con 2012

Last weekend I packed up the family and traveled to Houston, Texas for the first annual Space City Con. We arrived Friday night after registration closed but there was still lots going on.

In the main ballroom, the Doomsday Wrestling was in full swing. This comedy/action troop has such wrestlers as El BaƱo - whose finishing move involves a dirty toilet, Hot Flash - the menopausal menace, and Father Superior, the battling priest.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Savage Worlds Deluxe Scores a Gold ENnie

I have great news. Savage Worlds Deluxe Edition just won a Gold ENnie at Gen Con 2012. The 160 page core rule book to Savage Worlds offers a generic role playing system suitable for almost any genre you care to name. Congratulations to Shane Hensley, Clint Black, Joel Kinstle, and the rest of the Savages at Pinnacle for a job well done.

Here are the rest of the winners.

The Troll Interviewed on DnD Digest

Recently, CJ over at DnD Digest, invited the RPTools Staff in for a YouTube interview for his site. The interview is in five parts spanning over 2 hours. It goes through a huge number of topics relating to MapTool and RPGs.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Space: 1889 Planet Project

Space 1889 is a Steampunk role-playing game set in a fictional Victorian Era of the Earth. With the help of steam-powered spaceships, human explorers flew through the ether and colonized Mars, Venus, and Mercury.

To support the new German edition of Space: 1889, a German fangroup created the Space: 1889 planet project which currently is in it's beta phase. The project uses Google Earth to project Space:1889 maps onto a planetary sphere which is movable and searchable by users. 

Check it out the promo video here depicting Mars:

See the Der Globus home page for ways to support the project and check on its progress.

You can learn more about Space:1889 and the Victorian Era by visiting our review of Space:1889 - Red Sands or from Frank Chadwick's blog. Our review of The Kerberos Club contains additional Victorian background.