Monday, February 27, 2012

Savage Worlds: Olympian Breed Pre-Gens Review and some Greek Paper Figures

Savage Worlds Olympian Breed Pre-Gens Review ...and some Greek Paper Figures

Pre-Gen Characters for play or reference
by Palewolf Publishing

Price: FREE
Pages: 5

1. Savage Worlds Deluxe Edition
2. Savage Worlds Super powers Companion
3. Savage Worlds Fantasy Companion
4. Olympian Breed - Setting Primer & Character Creation Guide
5. Olympian Breed: Act One

See my previous review of #4 above.

Slowly the pieces of the Olympian Breed setting are coming out. On my first review of their setting I mentioned the necessity of Pregens for getting started. I'm sure this was in the works and am glad it's out. This review is a few weeks late but visit Palewolf's web site, specifically their blog post on Ancient Greek History for some great resources to help push the development of a fully realized game. I'm a visually inspired person so, if you're like me, the trailer for the upcoming Wrath of the Titans should help get your creative juices going.

I needed one more thing to get the gaming going: figures. Being the visual guy that I am, printing out some paper figures really helped bring life to my ideas. Arion Games has some paper figures for $3.  I recommend the GREEKS (ARG027) set to start.  It gave me 28mm Hercules,  Hoplite, Amazon, Man, Princess, Woman, Hero, Philosopher, General, Soldiers, and...coolest of cool: a Minotaur, Pegasus, and Hydra. All in both tri-fold and (my favorite) A-frame.  They aren't the flat cartoon type figures I enjoy but detailed 3d poser-type figures. Very nicely done! Now I have a good starting set to get some OB butt kicking adventures before Wrath of the Titans comes out.

If you want an example of some more of their figures, you can go to their blog entry here.

Just for a little extra visual , I printed out the free Lord Zsezse Works: Lost Map #10 desert map from this week's Drive Thru RPG newsletter and put my Greek paper figures on. A Minotaur pursuing Hercules and a Greek Hoplite. Fifteen minutes work and I've got a game board and figures. Now that's my idea of a time-crunched gamer getting into a new setting fast. The actual full map set is here.

Until next time...keep it savage!

PS: Thanks Vikki Felde for visiting our blog. We look forward to your up and coming additions to the world of Olympian Breed.


  1. For more free Greek -inspired gaming, check out Mazes and Minotaurs. They've got a bunch of adventures easily adapted to Savage Worlds.

  2. Thanks Sean. I found them and there is a TON of stuff for Mazes and Minotaurs. I'm thinking the Olympian Breed folks should meet the M and M folks and collaborate. With content from MandM and art and design from OB... I'm just thinkin'