Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Savage Worlds: The Wild Hunt Mini-Review - Free Adventure for Free RPG Day!

Savage Worlds: The Wild Hunt
by John Goff

Cost: FREE! - and you can't buy it anywhere
Pages: 16
Includes: Adventure, 6 pre-gens, 33 figure flats, and the SW Test Drive rules.

The Wild Hunt (no spoilers here, just hints)

Thanks to Pinnacle listing this on their main page, I was tempted to go to FREE RPG Day again this year. I didn't want to miss getting something you literally can't buy or get any where else.

[note: actually they just posted a link to the pdf. I've linked to it above. dmb]

From the introduction: "The Wild Hunt is a modern-day horror story set in the tradition of a Saturday-night horror movie. In it, the players find themselves unexpectedly stranded in a rural town in the American Midwest and on the wrong end of a curse more than a century old. With their very souls on the line, they must avoid an unholy horde of unrelenting hunters determined to add the heroes to their host." So starts the the adventure....

The bus you're in starts to have electrical issues and stops in the Hamlet of Ebernburg. As fate would have it, a curse that arises every 10 years is about to occur and if you're not careful, you may be a recurring part in future risings. A minor European noble family founded the town in the early 1800s. A surviving son gone mad, love gone wrong, and a curse all make for a fun fright fest for 6. The premise reminds me of a very twisted, modern mid-western take on the 1932 classic "The Most Dangerous Game". However, the twists in this scenario make for a much more dangerous adventure!

The adventure is fully fleshed out with a good list of characters and pre-gen'd Wild Cards. There's a page and a half of Tri-Fold Figure Flats and a custom copy of the Savage Worlds Test Drive Rules.

For horror fanatics, I see this as being the quintessential beginner's guide for Savage Worlds. It was also one of the slickest full color productions and completely met the Free RPG Day suggestions for the free products. Adventure, Test Rules, and even paper figures. Pinnacle should be proud of their offering. They spared no expense and it shows. There were some other free offerings but they were all 12-24 pages in black and white with only the adventure. Pinnacles full color adventure complete with rules blew them all away.

Pinnacle updates their web site on Tuesday. Last Tuesday, the 14th, they put up a perfect set piece for this adventure. They literally provided you the bus you rode in on. Between the figure flats in the book and the bus at Pinnacle, you've got a quick set up for horror that us time crunched gamers love to find.

The Wild Hunts fits well with the horror theme of the Troll's June offerings. We'll have to prep more for next year's "June Gloom" theme (a story for another time).

Until next time, this is the Savage Duck, signing off.

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