Friday, June 24, 2011

Savage Worlds Deluxe - Available Saturday, June 25th!

[ note: this is taken directly from Pinnacle's main page. Due to the large announcement about Pinnacles participation in Origins and Shane Hensley being the guest of honor, it's easy to miss... so we've re-broadcast it here!]

This Saturday is all about the new Savage Worlds Deluxe, the new edition of the core rulebook. This 160-page, full-color, full-size hardback provides the complete Savage Worlds rules, updates and new material, new art, more examples, an expanded Setting Rules section, and Designer Notes to give you an insight into the development. Making its world debut this Saturday, you can get your hands on it in a number of different ways:
  • Buy Savage Worlds Deluxe PDF on CD Saturday at Origins:
    You can grab the PDF of Savage Worlds Deluxe on special limited-edition CD at the Studio 2 Publishing booth at Origins. Be the envy of your gaming neighborhood and lord it over your friends.
  • Preorder Savage Worlds Deluxe Saturday:
    Starting Saturday, you'll be able to preorder a physical copy of the book on our web store for delivery as soon as full stocks are available (currently expected by September, with possible prerelease copies at GenCon). You can also preorder the print book at the Studio 2 Publishing booth—preorders at the booth include free domestic shipping, as well!
  • Get the Savage Worlds Deluxe Preorder Bundle Saturday on the Web:
    If you can't be at Origins and just can't wait for the books to arrive, this bundle is for you. You'll get the physical book shipped directly to you as soon as stocks are in and—more importantly—you'll receive the PDF immediately! Oh, and you'll get a discount, too! How can you beat a deal like that?
  • Get the Savage Worlds Deluxe Mega Bundle Saturday on the Web:
    You want more? You got it. The Savage Worlds Deluxe Mega Bundle includes everything in the Preorder Bundle, plus the Savage Worlds Action & Adventure Decks, including all the promotional cards! Like all our preorder bundles, these special deals are only available until the books are in, so act fast!
  • Download the Savage Worlds Deluxe PDF Saturday on the Web:
    If you can't get your limited edition CD at Origins, the Savage Worlds Deluxe PDF will be available on our web store starting this Saturday with all the other web store options. ["Saturday" for the web store will look an awful lot like approximately Friday at midnight Eastern US Time, by the way.]
Don't let time pass you by—get your copies as soon as you can. If nothing else, you can cut down on how long your gaming buddies can be all smug about their copies, and isn't that what really matters?
We at the Savage Troll can't wait!

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