Monday, February 14, 2011

Review: Devin Night's Dark Forest Token Pack

Product: Devin Night's Dark Forest Token Pack
Price: 5.99
Artist: Devin Night

James Hazlenut aka Devin Night provides quality hand-drawn tokens, artwork, character portraits, and maps for use in RPGs. Many of the tokens I use in Maptool are Devin's. I've also commissioned multiple works from him for story and setting illustrations. I was therefor pleased to see a new set of Devin Night tokens appear on

The Dark Forest Token Pack features 79 fantasy creatures for use in your face-to-face or Virtual Table Top game. The product has two downloads; one to print and cut and the other to drop onto your VTT.

This token set includes Animals (Wolves, Bears, Spiders), Bugbears, Green Dragons, Giants (Ettin, Hill, Rock), Goblins (archers, spearmen, clubbers, and shamans), Hobgoblins (archers, fighters, shaman), and Orcs (archers, fighters, shaman, thief). I've included some of the samples below to whet your appetite.





Aside from making great tokens, Devin gives back to the VTT community. He was a founding member of the now defunct Four Ugly Monsters. Once that site closed, he made all the FUM tokens available for free. If you'd like to see Devin's token work, visit his Immortal Nights site for over twenty free token packs.


  1. The Tokens are great and our group has used his art for years. I am amazed when I go into the local game store to find boxed sets of maps and tokens for $20+. WoTC now sells tokens. Amazing. Again we were ahead of the WoTC. I notice their latest books are small like the SW Explorer Edition. Hmmm. Save money. Play SW and buy Devin Night's tokens!! -- the Duck

  2. When I first started playing Savage Worlds I commissioned some alien tokens for my game. Soon Verlians, Kurr, and Arvins appeared in my Firday Morning Madness game. It was great seeing them come alive. Devin does a great job taking input and drawing exactly what you envision.