Saturday, July 17, 2010

Hellfrost Character: Seamus O'Thay

The following character was used in Bryan Meadows Hellfrost scenario from Triple Ace Games. I had fun with the character who played well against Matt Jackson's muscle-bound Bullwolfie character. Seamus managed to get Bullwolfie into a fist duel with three warehouse guards while he taunted the guards from the sidelines allowing their dwarf companion the chance to search the grounds for clues.

He was a good character and I'm sad I didn't get a chance to play more of him. Feel free to use and abuse Seamus as you please.

Rank/Race: Novice (0 xps)/Hearth Elf
Attributes: Agility (d8), Smarts (d6), Spirit (d8), Strength (d6), Vigor (d4),
Skills: Fighting (d6), Guts (d4), Intimidation (d6+2), Notice (d4), Persuasion (d4), Shooting (d6), Taunt (d6+2), Throwing (d4), Faith (d6)
Derived: Pace 6, Parry 6, Charisma 0, Toughness 7(2), Faith Power Points: 20
Hindrances: Major: Curious Minor: Novate, Black Sheep
Edges: AB-Miracles(Priest of the Unnamed God), Strong Willed
Gear: Arrow x40, Arrow - Armor Piercing x20, Arrow- Flesh Ripper x20, Bow, Leather Shirt, Long Spear
Powers: fear, shape change, mimic

Seamus is a priest of the unnamed god who delights in tricks and learning through hardship. Seamus follows his gods' example attempting to trick his opponents early in each combat. He believes, sometimes erroneously, that his is smart enough to get out of any situation his mouth gets him into.

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